Why simple BIM blogging

This blog aims to explore BIM and try to explain topics using simple discourse and explanation.

Why do this?

  • UNDERSTANDING: I want to make BIM more understandable and try to continue the demystification of the subject, led by inspiring experts before me.
  • CONSENSUS: Through feedback, it is a way of focusing and challenging my ideas, adding to the body of knowledge of the blog, and changing any wrong turns I have made.
  • IMPROVING: To record gaps and lack of clarity in UK BIM standards and guidance so users can see where I see the problems and challenge any spread of misinformation.

The mission at Simple BIM is to share leading thought providers’ opinions with originality, sincerity and authenticity.

The aims are in simple terms:

  • A public blog rather than a personal journal as there are so many opinions in BIM. What better place to explore these than in the public domain.
  • To share my knowledge and understanding.
  • To try to reach a consensus on the many and often controversial topics in the domain of BIM knowledge.
  • To cover UK BIM topics, particularly the UK BIM Levels (Stages) and UK BIM framework.
  • It is to concentrate on the management and information side of BIM.
  • I would love to connect with anyone who has an interest both in BIM and making the construction industry a better place to
  • I want to help anyone in the construction industry, and the aim I to have these ideas expressed in this blog be included in the UK’s BIM standards and guidance.

I hope you enjoy this blog, and remember, these are just my opinions. They are not perfect, and I work hard to have sound reasoning and develop these referencing credible sources.

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